ACLS Instructor Information

The following information should be observed in preparation for your scheduled ACLS Provider course.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the UC Simulation Center as it relates to:

Course Expectations

All ACLS instructors receiving payment from the UC Simulation Center are expected to provide course content as set forth by the American Heart Association (AHA).  Strict adherence to the course curriculum and AHA guidelines are required.  Successful completion of this course requires the following forms are to be collected, completed, and submitted to the UC Simulation Project Coordinator:

  • Attendance roster
  • AHA online learner self-assessments (pre-course)
  • Mega Code Checklist (per learner)
  • Written test (per learner)
  • Course evaluation

Instructor Responsibilities

Each instructor is responsible for providing comprehensive, curriculum-based information within an active learning environment. It is incumbent upon each instructor to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the course content they are assigned to teach.  Each Instructor will be assigned to lead a ACLS Skills Station, consisting of four (4) learner rotations as well as the Mega Code Practice and Mega Code Test.  Please ensure you plan accordingly. All instructors receiving payment from the UC Simulation Center must arrive on time and be prepared to instruct on their designated date.  If you are unable to attend, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to the class start time.   


Non UofC Employees/Contractors

Please complete the following forms and return them to the Project Coordinator for payment processing. Once received, an invoice will be generated and submitted to the HRS Payroll Department for processing.

University of Chicago Employees

Bi-Weekly Monthly BSD Monthly Hospital
A funds transfer will be initiated by the UC Simulation Center to your Care Center. Once received, a Time Entry Correction Form will be submitted to the Hospital Payroll Department for processing. A pre-approval request  will be initiated by the UC Simulation Center to BSD Human Resources. Once approved, the request will be transferred to the HRS payroll department for processing. A Monthly Extra Service Payment Form will be submitted to the Hospital Payroll Department for processing.


Parking options are limited to either street or garage.  Only independent contractors (non-UC employees) are eligible for parking validation by the UC Simulation Center.  Please contact Brian Taylor, UC Simulation Project Coordinator, for more details. Please indicate prior to the close of your instruction date whether or not your parking is in need of validation.  Please note that parking validations for ACLS instructors  are only available for the Hospital parking garage, located at 58th and Maryland.


I.     Room Locations

P119 is located in the Billings Hospital, next to Billings Auditorium.  If entering from 58th and Maryland, proceed past Goldblatt Lobby to the right, turning left towards Therapy Services.  Make a right turn at the main corridor and P119 is ahead on your right.  If entering from 58th and Ellis, proceed past the entry door and make a left turn.  Make a right turn and proceed up the steps.  Make a left turn, passing elevators on your left.  Make a right turn at the main corridor and P119 is past Billings Auditorium on your left. S029 is located in the basement of Billings Hospital.

II.     General Hospitality

The UC Simulation Center is located in close proximity to campus eateries and ATM locations.  The basement of Billings Hospital, S-Corridor, houses the UC Simulation rooms for courses and events. Proceeding South in S-Corridor, Billings Cafeteria is located on the right-hand side and restrooms are on the left.  Vending machines can be found on the right-hand side of S-Corridor, just past Billings Cafeteria.

III.     Food & Drink Policy

Open/unattended food and drink are strictly prohibited in the areas designated for UC Simulation events.  Open beverages and/or food must be consumed or discarded before entry into the following UC Simulation areas:

·S029             ·P036

·G03               ·S038

Exceptions to this rule include bottled drinks and beverages with lids.  Allowable food and drink shall be limited to the Euro Lounge area in S029 with proper clearance, only in the event manikin’s or other computerized equipment are not present.  If you are unsure as to whether or not your beverage/food is permissible, please seek clarification from a UC Simulation staff member.

IV.     Emergency Protocol

In the event of an emergency, please take the following precautions to sufficiently address the issue:

·      Medical emergency

o   If during regular UofC business hours and the employee is ambulatory, please advise the employee to contact the Department of Occupational Medicine located in L156, or (773) 702-6757.

o   If the employee is not ambulatory, please dial 911 on the house phone located in S029.

·      Non-medical emergency -

o   If you require immediate assistance from a member of the UC Simulation Center during regular UofC business hours (8am-5pm Monday-Friday, except major UofC holidays), please contact the staff member with whom you reserved the space.

o   If you require immediate assistance from a member of the UC Simulation Center staff outside regular UofC business hours (after 5pm Monday-Friday, except major UofC holidays), please contact:

Brian Taylor
·      (773) 845-2221 (pgr)

V.     Relevant Course Materials

Please ensure all supplemental course-related materials are collected before the dismissal of each course:

  • ACLS Instructional DVD’s
  • ACLS Provider Manual(s), if borrowed
  • ACLS Algorithm cards
  • ACLS Emergency Cardiovascular Care handbook(s)
  • Clipboard(s)

*If remediation is necessary, course end times are tentative.

I look forward to seeing you soon.
Thanks much,

Brian Taylor
Project Coordinator
The University of Chicago Medicine Simulation Center
5841 S. Maryland Ave. | Suite P121, MC1000 | Chicago, IL 60637
Office: (773) 702-0361
Fax:    (773) 795-5013  
Pager: (773) 845-2221