UChicago Simulation Center

Planning a New Educational Film

The project workflow of developing a simulation film includes:

  1. Submitting this project request form
  2. Meeting with Simulation Center staff (including videographer)
  3. Developing project worksheet with Simulation Center staff
  4. Submitting project worksheet to Simulation Steering Council for feedback and approval
  5. Developing scripts with Simulation Center staff
  6. Visiting the  Simulation Center to familiarize with settings and possible camera angles
  7. Training session(s) for script participants
  8. Filming date(s)
  9. Editing and production by videographer

Note:This form must be completed in one sitting. Please complete comments first externally and then copy/paste your responses in the form.

Planning a New Educational Film

Please provide your contact info:

Film: (Please provide the following)


In order to make use of the simulation space, equipment, and/or staff for filming purposes, please understand that the following conditions apply:

  • Any tapings or photographs are to be used exclusively for educational purposes.
  • All participants being taped or photographed must give their prior consent.
  • Participants will not be identified by name.
  • Any tapings or photographs are not to be posted on the internet.
  • Any tapings or photographs are not to be made available for resale in any format.
  • Credits for University of Chicago will be included in film production.

Use of Standardized Patients:

If standardized patients are included in the film, temporary employee guidelines are applicable. If for some reason you must cancel a filming date, at least 3 weeks notice must be given to participants. If less than 3 weeks notice is given, participants must be paid a 4 hour minimum for that work date. For trainings canceled with less than 2 weeks notice, participants must be paid a 2 hour minimum for that training date.

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