P036 and MARP

P036 and MARP (R-013) are currently used for procedural and wet lab training by several surgical departments as well as Team Training and Hybrid simulations.

To make a reservation for this space please use the Simulation Space Reservation Form.

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Usage Agreement

All requests for the use of the University of Chicago Simulation space must be affiliated with the University of Chicago Medicine, Biological Sciences Division, or University of Chicago.

As a custodian for space that belongs to the Simulation Center, I will ensure that only those persons affiliated with my event use it appropriately and responsibly.  At the conclusion of my event, I will ensure that the facilities are returned to their original condition.

I understand that food and drink (other than water) may not be used in the simulation labs.  Food and drink may be used in conference/debriefing rooms.
Please note that all images, photographs, video, or audio produced by simulation space, equipment, and/or services is the property of the University of Chicago and may not be used outside of the simulation space without express written consent.