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Welcome to our Simulation Request form.  This online tool will help us to conceptualize and implement your simulation, training session, or event. New requests may require additional consultation with Sim Center staff to ensure that we provide the best overal experience.  Sim Center staff will assist you in planning, developing, and evaluating the effectiveness of your event.  Due to the high demand for simulation space, we ask that you plan 6 to 8 weeks in advance as we may be unable to accommodate late requests.  


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Submission of this form does not guarantee the availability of space or resources.

This form will not save. Be sure to have all information available at the time of completion. For more information about available resources, please visit our equipment and lab space page.

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Please select this checkbox only if you are a unit educator and are requesting a crash cart for training purposes related to Zoll Defibrillator or crashcart familiarization.

Please note that the crash cart provided is equipped with simulated medications and equipment and is not intended for patient use. It should only be used for training purposes and not for emergency situations. The cart should not be left unattended on the unit floor and staff should be notified of it's presence.

By checking this box, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above information, and that your request for a crash cart is for authorized training purposes only.


Use this field to request in-unit CPR and crash cart training that will be tailored to your unit's needs. Our Sim Center educators will work with you to develop and implement the training in your unit, taking into account your team dynamics and the specific challenges that you face.


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Maximum file size: 52.22MB

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*If yes, you must outline details in the project plan and methods field. This also must be coordinated with a Sim Tech prior to implementation.
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All requests for the use of the University of Chicago Simulation space must be affiliated with the University of Chicago Medicine, Biological Sciences Division, or University of Chicago. All visitors to the Simulation Center must sign in using our data management system and provide feedback using a provided evaluation form.

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