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Planning a New Simulation Project - First Time Project

The amount of time and preplanning necessary for a simulation event can vary, depending on the complexity of the event, available resources, existing demands, etc. It can take 8 weeks or more to design an engaging and valuable training program. Please plan as far ahead as possible.

The project workflow of developing a simulation event includes:

  1. Submitting this project request form
  2. Meeting with Simulation Center staff
  3. Developing curriculum and evaluation with Simulation Center staff
  4. Submitting curriculum to Simulation Steering Council for feedback and approval
  5. Visiting the  Simulation Center to familiarize with tools & resources
  6. Developing scenario, script, case, and/or debriefing content
  7. Piloting scenario(s)
  8. Holding the simulation event
  9. Debriefing with Sim faculty & staff


NOTE:This form must be completed in one sitting. Please complete comments first externally and then copy/paste your responses in the form.

Planning A New Simulation Project - First Time Project

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All requests for the use of the University of Chicago Simulation space must be affiliated with the University of Chicago Medicine, Biological Sciences Division, or University of Chicago.

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